Posted 18 Oct 2009   Respect

WeWereMonkeys began in 2007 when Mihai Wilson & Davide Di Saro created a wild stop-motion animation for Malajubes Le Crabe, which was nominated for the 2007 MTV PeopleÂ’s Choice Video Award. They successfully followed this with a second video for Malajubes Ton Plat Favori, which was featured in the 2008 Independent Music Video Festival. WWM’s video for Land of Talk’s It’s Okay was nominated for a Canadian Juno Award for Video of the Year, was chosen as one of The 5 Best Videos of 2009 by TIME Magazine and has been shown at The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and the 2010 Sydney Biennial.

Mihai Wilson and Davide DiSaro of WeWereMonkeys share a love of invention,and experimenting with mixed mediums. Their hands-on approach leads them to discover new creative techniques and visual outcomes. Their diverse skill sets allow them to play all roles in producing a video; concepting, direction, set construction, photography, illustration, filming, acting, 3D rendering and VFX, they do it all.

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