On Set: Empire Strikes Back | Vanity Fair

Posted 12 Oct 2010   Art,Films,Passion,Respect

"Luke I am your Father"

Harrison Ford sitting behind an X-wing

Hamill, George Lucas, Fisher, and Ford

Phil Tippett and Jon Berg stop-motion animate a shot with all three walkers

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars how it completely changed my life forever.

Out this month, the slick coffee-table tome The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back chronicles the complete tale—from pre-release to blockbuster success—of what’s become the fan favorite of the Star Wars series. Released in 1980, George Lucas’s Episode V pushed the boundaries of special effects and left audiences with one of cinema’s most epic cliffhangers. To mark the film’s 30th anniversary, VF.com presents an excerpt from the book: rarely seen photographs from the Empire Strikes Back set, annotated with behind-the-scenes details. Plus: Read Mike Ryan’s interviews with the book’s author, J. W. Rinzler, and the man behind Boba Fett’s mask, actor Jeremy Bulloch.