Lana Del Rey

Posted 21 Sep 2011   Music,Respect

Lana Del Rey grew up in Lake Placid on the outer edges of New York State. Herein some of her unique musical flavour was incubated. “It has an epic, nostalgic feel. It’s in the middle of a National Park. But it’s also a struggle because it’s a town built on tourism that no-one goes to anymore.” At 18, she fulfilled her lifelong ambition of decamping to New York City. “Since I was little I knew I would end up there,” she says, “Every day is a pleasure there. Every single day I walk out of the door is a good day. I like everything about it. New York totally rewards me for my love of it.”

Lana’s songs came out of a mixture of her love of David Lynch, Black and White 50′s movies, Coney Island, Hip-Hop and heartbreak.”There’s something beautiful about the fight. About any fight” explains Lana “I’m talking about epic, knocked-down, dragged-out love stories in song. That’s what I’m heading towards”. {outsourcing}

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