Posted 09 Dec 2011   Action Sports,Family,Respect

The Story
So about a year ago, I got a call from my longtime friend Collin Sorensen. I’ve known Collin for about 15 years; he is an all around great person and is always on his grind. We caught up and he mentioned that he was developing a website to sell top outdoor and action sports apparel and products at a discount, similar to Jetsetter and Gilt. I loved the idea. Who doesn’t love a great deal? So I sent him some information about servers, content management systems, and links that I thought might be helpful during the development process.

A couple months went by and I got an email from him to check out the Beta Version. It looked great. The design was super clean and it had a fully functional interface. We spoke a couple more times and actually met for lunch in San Diego in late August to talk about the site and catch up face to face.

So after a year of development, numerous conversations, and lunch at Whiskey Girl, the site is live and direct!

Check it out!

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